with Parker’s Box, Brooklyn - New York
18 March - 22 April 2006

For this new exhibition in Gallery Anne Barrault, Alun Williams, the director of Parker’s Box in New York, presents seven artists’videos. (Another version of VIDEODYSSEY is on at the moment in his New York gallery).

Steven Brower’s “Conrad Carpenter’s Ladder”, an astronaut climbs an endless ladder. With this metaphor, Brower refers to the pioneering American achievement of the Apollo mission, with a feeling of disappointment and wastefulness. The video was made from start to finish in the artist’s studio in Brooklyn (the combination, performance, as well as all the other sides of the film).

Mike Rogers is a multi-media artist, working by turns in video, photography, sculpture and drawing. Living an ordinary family life, in a Los Angeles suburb, he is concerned by the attitudes and behaviors of American middle classes. In his video “Cross Country”, made in 2002, he filmed his driving through the United States from Brooklyn to Los Angeles with a super 8 camera, taking a picture about every 160m, he then transferred the film to a DVD. It amounts to a speed of 9,600 km/h, except that the landscape changes much more slowly.

Simon Faithfull’s “Escape Vehicle n° 6” is about the journey of a chair as it travels from the ground to the edge of space (30 km up). Dangling in space beneath an unseen weather balloon, the chair rushes away from the fields and roads, ascend through clouds, and finally begin to disintegrate because of the height. The journey of the chair was recorded thanks to a small video camera which relayed the images live to an audience below. The chilling nature of the film is that the empty chair invites the audience to imagine the journey of the chair to an uninhabitable, empty, black realm where it is impossible to breathe.

Since 1990,
Patrick Martinez has been exploring different forms of expression such as video art, sound art, drawing, installation and design. Through a wide range of media, he establishes experimental structures so as to examine the relationship between an object and its context of presentation in order to challenge perception. For his film “The Jesuses”, Martinez has selected a wide array of classical paintings of Christ on the cross, and using the fact of their close resemblance, he has made each one into a single frame of an animated film.

Agnieszka Kalinowska presents “Well, that is what everybody thinks about militaries...” a disturbing film staging young, clean-shaven marines speaking a foreign language impossible to recognize at first, moreover without subtitles in the first part. At the beginning, the film looks like a fiction probably meant to be educational. However, in the second part, this time with subtitles, the spectator begins to understand the framework of the film : the as genuine as upsetting hopes and fears of a young woman worried about her future opening with an endless journey.

Jason Glasser is as famous as a rock musician in his band Fruitkey as he is as a visual artist.”Lion et Oiseau” is an animated film made from computer manipulated cut pieces of paper and black and white super 8 films. The music was composed by the French musician Jean Charles Versari, the guitarist of Fruitkey. It is the third film of a series beginning with “Sepia Collision” shown in Parker’s Box in 2003, followed by “Centaurs Study” shown in “le Triangle” in Marseilles in 2004. The three of them accompany the heartbreaking journeys and violent chases of some fantastic beings : a smiling red balloon head, a melancholy centaur, a two-legged lion after a pigeon.

In 2005
Philippe Bazin made “Ski Centre”, the static shot of a mountain landscape. In northern Europe, a ski resort, the kind of center you rarely find in this not very mountainous region. We are in May, the resort is closed, and the weather is unsettled. The ski tow seats dangle in the violent wind sweeping across the green hills. The sun shines for a few minutes, but a raging, black cloud soars from the valley, very soon the rain pours down, snowflakes take over less than a quarter of hour later. There is a snowstorm, then everything calms down, the blast subsides little by little, the hill rises white and striated. In an hour, time for the snow to melt, everything will be as before.


Philippe Bazin lives and works in Paris. Recent exhibitions : Gallery Anne Barrault - Hayward Gallery, London - Elysée Museum, Lausanne - FRAC Basse-Normandie, Caen - Fine Arts Museum, Dunkirk - le Triangle, Rennes - Art academy Gallery, Sarajevo.

Steven Brower lives and works in Brooklyn. Recent exhibitions : Gallery du Jour, Agnès B, Paris – Parker’s Box, Brooklyn – Galleria Fraco Noero, Turin – Forde contemporary Art Gallery, Geneva – Smart Project Space, Amsterdam – PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Queens, New York.

Simon Faithfull lives and works in Berlin. Recent exhibitions : Parker’s Box, Brooklyn – Stills Gallery, Edinburgh – Cell, London – Gimpel Fils Gallery, London – Gallery du jour, Agnès B, Paris – MAMA, Rotterdam – ICA, London – Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, Turner Centre, Margate.

Jason Glasser lives and works in Paris and New York . Recent exhibitions : Gallery Kamel Mennour, Paris – Parker’s Box , Brooklyn – Art center Chapelle Saint-Jacques, Saint-Gaudens – Zoo Gallery, Nantes – Galerie Friche Belle de Mai, Marseilles – Rhodes Mann, London.

Agnieszka Kalinowska lives and works in Warsaw. Recent exhibitions : Sector Reforma Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexico – National Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow - Art National Gallery, Warsaw Arizona State University Art museum, Tempe, Arizona – The Sculpture Center, New York.

Patrick Martinez lives and works in New York. Recent exhibitions : The Showroom, London – Gallery Friche Belle de Mai, Marseilles – Parker’s Box, Brooklyn – Futura, Prague – Le Pavé dans la mare, Besançon – Center for Photography, Woodstock, New York – Art in General, New York.

Mike Rogers lives and works in Los Angeles. Recent exhibitions : Angela Hanley Gallery, Los Angeles – Rachmaninoff’s, London – Gallery Michael Cosar, Dusseldorf – Parker’s Box, Brooklyn – Gallery du Jour, Agnès B , Paris - Hotel, London – List Visual Arts Center, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Simon Faithfull, Escape Vehicle no.6
Patrick Martinez, The Jesuses
Agnieszka Kalinowska, Well that is what everybody thinks about us militaries...
Jason Glasser, Lion & Oiseau
Philippe Bazin, Ski Centre
Mike Rogers, Cross Country