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exhibition : l'Usage du Temps
l'Usage du Temps
10 April - 17 May 2014
Between vestiges of the past ant the vertiginous future, Ramuntcho Matta proposes, at gallery anne barrault, an experience of the present. The Use of time is the artist’s own history woven with his artistic work, entangling and mixing chronology.

Chris Marker had found the word “mutimedium” to characterize Ramuntcho Matta’s work.
However, one subject troubles him, attracts him, and fascinates him: time, and the use of it. Music, drawings, sculptures, texts, all kinds of tools, each of them artistic. But the common theme remains the same: “a certain or uncertain use of time”. But how is it possible to show this multifaceted work ?
First, the wish was to make a book, more precisely a monograph. A book to explain the way of reasoning, to show the coherence of the work. Above all, this work is an exhilarating experience. So the exhibition is thought as a “mise en abyme” of the monograph.
Alain Bosquet, the poet, said: “I spend all my rime trying to understand time”.

The monograph will be presented during the exhibition L’usage du temps by Ramuntcho Matta. Coming out on April 10th, Manuella publishers, and his last record Météorismes.
Ramuntcho Matta
qui porte qui ? 2013
29 x 21 cm
Ramuntcho Matta
la nécessité indéniable, 2014
watercolor and ink
29 x 21 cm