Odires Mlaszho
17 March - 28 April 2012
with the gallery Vermelho, Brazil
Odires Mlaszho
series Cavo um Fóssil Repleto de Anzóis,
Male Portrait 50 A. D., 1996
C-Print on paper, 70 x 50 cm, courtesy Vermelho gallery, São Paulo
Odires Mlaszho
Next exhibition at gallery Anne Barrault is the result of common action with gallery Vermelho in São
Paulo, one of the most interesting places in Brazil, managed by Eduardo Brandao.
This gallery, well known at international level, present at Art Basel, Frieze as well as at less known
fairs, but important ones in Latin America, such as those of Tijuana or Bogota, plays a leading part in
contemporary creation. After exhibiting Manuela Marques, in São Paulo, its manager proposed that
Odires Mlászho, a Brazilian artist, should be shown at the gallery, and we agreed with enthusiasm.
As a welcome in Paris, a video Manuela Marques produced in Brazil will be shown along with his
first exhibition in France.
Born in 1960, Odires Mlászho uses photography, books, magazines and makes photomontages with
these various materials. Through his practice, he pays tribute to the two artists he considers as the
masters of photomontage, Max Ernst and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, to the point of changing his true name
José Odires Micowski, which sounds too Polish to his mind, into Odires Mlászho, to honour them. He
has been active on the Brazilian scene for about fifteen year, and will take part in São Paulo next
biennial event.
Odires Mlaszho
Manuela Marques
photographie couleur, 65 x 65 cm
Manuela Marques
"Close up#2", 2011