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4 March - 19 April 2003

New Burlesque, 2001
Lorelei Lane
All right reserved.©Katharina Bosse, 2001

New Burlesque, 2001
Kitten de Ville
All right reserved.©Katharina Bosse, 2001
In the last couple of years, there has been a Burlesque revival in the US. Throughout the country, in cities like New Orleans, Memphis, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Atlanta, and, of course, LA and New York, individuals and groups have rediscovered the art of Burlesque. Burlesque is essentially a kind of “old-fashioned” striptease, with the emphasis on the tease, not the nudity. It is often presented with humor and comedy elements. It is different from commercial striptease in that the performers don’t hustle the audience for money. There is, in fact, not much money to be made with burlesque. The performers are into it for the love of performing, being on stage and expressing themselves. Each of them is a unique individual, with an (on stage) unusual large variety in age and body type. There usually is no manager involved, the performers develop their stage personas, costumes and choreographies themselves. The New Burlesque is situated somewhere between downtown performance art and a Las Vegas show, stirred up with postmodern irony.

Katharina Bosse

....It is fantasy itself,fantasy brought to light, in daylight . It is appropriate since the mask is everything. A humdrum background, life, universe. Las Vegas, Boston, new Orleans, New York, an environment after the other, flashes of colours, superposed postures. You never have the same sky, rarely the same costume, but always the same echoing feelings which, according to their tones, make you plunge from dream into nightmare. You are entranced at this American daylight where mildness and heat meet into a savage discrepancy . You feel there is something unusual when this coveted glamour trips against its own glow and crashes into reality. A false reality, a true falsity. A feeling of noise, of intense buzzing, like low-voltage, perceptible through its vibrations. A noise which slowly tears up, gradually strips . A grand striptease in which the girls appear lonely in their caricature, bound by their intimacy…

Frank Richard. Février 2003

Book New Burlesque Katharina Bosse - Filigranes Editions
(March 2003)
size : H 23 x W 17 cm
88 pages / 38 colors photographs
price : 25 euros
ISBN : 2-914381-47-6

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