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Jochen Gerner
papiers peints, 2003-2006
various sizes, 24 x 19 cm
crayons, encres, stylo bille sur papiers imprimés
Jochen Gerner is an artist who draws. Sometimes, too, he makes comic strips. More precisely he is one of those who exploded comic strips fifteen years ago. He did so through repetition and a few tricks of skateboarding, laminating them, making them plain “strips” again.
Jochen Gerner makes holes too, and pullovers (black and red, made with wool). If he had exhibited thirty of these sweaters, he might have chosen their sizes for 30 -year- old, but as there are only three of them, they are for 3- year- old. A taste for miniature, minority, a comedy of innocence. Each pullover has a “George(s)”s head in which you recognize three great ideas : the revelation of liberal fascism(George W. Bush), comic strips (Georges Rémi known as Hergé), the obsession of holes (Georges Perec). It is a short step from comic strips to Perec. It is “Ouvroir de Bande dessinée Potentielle”, in the manner of OuLiPo. Jochen is a distinguished member of it. From Perec to politics, it is “W or childhood memories”, a novel in which Perec links the working of game to his parents’death in an extermination camp. It is well known the writer thought his name came from the Hebrew word “peretz” which means “opening”. Since then Jochen has made political holes.
For example this map of the Paris Basin in which the words “man”, “char”, “mur” appear. It is part of his “OuBaPien” work of TNT in America, one of the artist’s most amazing books. Each page of Hergé’s Tintin in America was hidden under black ink, except for a few openings on words or colours revealing the violence of Bush’s America and, furthermore, of any language which does not question its conventions. It is as if Jochen made his Deleuze ‘s irreverent, combinative slogan: “draw the map ,not the copy”. He saturates or empties the maps of Tulle and of Val Maubuée, is surprised to realize Berlin shows up on Dallas, while following JFK’s route on the day of his murder. Significative short-circuits, playful palimpsests, unless they are our conceits displayed, but with the wish to go beyond all expectations and thus preventing one from forgetting. Jochen would willingly make Perec say there is no Loss without Return.
In the cartography without maps of his painted Papers, pre-existent aids (strip cartoons, advertisements, index and other lists) are, in the same way, covered up with signs ironically imitating and undermining their contents: arrows for Indians, property for the stock exchange...While today it can be technically duplicated, however the work of art goes back to traditional drawing, since Jochen has put hand-made indistinct patterns, in which what is like is never the same, on top of what is machine-made. Thanks to him, the overwhelming necessity of life stumbles upon the possibility of joy.

Eric Loret

Exhibition "intra muros" by Jochen Gerner, galerie anne barrault, April 2006
series "papier peints / wallpaper"

Exhibition "intra muros" by Jochen Gerner, galerie anne barrault, April 2006
series "papier peints / wallpaper" and "Little Nemo chez Ikea"

Exhibition "intra muros" by Jochen Gerner, galerie anne barrault, April 2006
Pull-over George(s), 2005
3 pulls-over en laine size 3 ans