24 April - 31 May 2003

François Ayroles
Anne Baraou
Jochen Gerner

Etienne Lécroart
Jean-Christophe Menu
Lewis Trondheim

"Oubapo", Workshop of Potential Strip Cartoons, created in 1992 in "Association publishing house", refers to the famous "Oulipo", Workshop of Potential Litterature, initiated by Raymond Queneau and François L e Lionnais.... Working by the same idea, the members of OuBaPo -
François Ayroles,
Anne Baraou,
Jochen Gerner,
Etienne Lécroart,
Jean-Christophe Menu,
Lewis Trondheim
- create strip cartoons according to rules called restraints.
For their first exhibition in a "gallery", these supporters of independent strip cartoons show original drawings and installations.
Etienne Lécroart