Janice Caswell
Lindsey Nobel
Anna Pedersen

8 January - 21 February 2004

invitation to Schroeder Romero, (Brooklyn)

Schroeder Romero is pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate again with Galerie Anne Barrault, with whom we were teamed for 2002's Paris/Brooklyn Exchange. Schroeder Romero is located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, an exciting and vital arts community. The mission of Schroeder Romero is to promote work by emerging and established artists, concentrating on solo exhibitions of local, national, and international artists, as well as site-specific projects and guest-curated group shows, and to expand our program and dialogue with the community as a whole.
Janice Caswell's collages and drawings are made with tiny pieces of paper and lines of ink representing mental maps and the narrative as she envisions them. Hole-punched paper circles chart steps along a path, while colors delineate sites where events occur - cities, neighborhoods, buildings or rooms. Simple ink lines trace the wanderings and form the narrative. The mind proccesses and remembers space unreliably and uncompletely - rather than trying to force reality on the mental maps, the incongruities are accepted and depicted as memory serves.
Lindsey Nobel's works on paper, using watercolor, ink and coffee, are linear explorations of organic forms reminiscent of maps of brain chemistry. Exploring organic forms, ranging from unicellular organisms to ecosystems, she investigates the relationship between the development of organic forms and media-assisted alterations of these forms.
Anna Pedersen creates topographies of pseudo-organic forms that are infused with the notion that the work is a growth. These works on paper or mylar suggest graphic portions of internal organs and plant structures with a color palette that tends towards the pop. These muscular drawings extract simultaneous feelings of recognition on a physical and emotional level with a slight degree of repulsion or separation from the object.