On the right slope
15 October - 18 December 2004

To gain height, six artists propose a new ascension towards the world summits.

Isabelle Arthuis
Isabelle Arthuis
born in 1969 in le Mans, France, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.
For her first participation in an exhibition in Gallery Anne Barrault, Isabelle Arthuis presents, in tune with her exhibition in FRIART (Switzerland), a series of black and white photographs and pink and red ones taken in Brazil.

Gabriele Basilico
born in 1944 in Milano, Italy, lives and works in Milano.
Gabriele Basilico presents photographs taken en 2003 in Trentino (Italy), an example of the conflict between urbanization and the mountain.

Katharina Bosse
Born in 1968 in Turku, Finland, lives and works in Bielefeld, Germany.
Katharina Bosse presents a photograph entitled "Camp Ground" from the series "Realms of Signs, realms of Senses". Three tents are pitched inside a neon lit place, a mountain hut or the showroom of the stores "au Vieux Campeur" ?

Sonja Braas
born in 1968 in Siegen, Germany, lives and works in New York.
Sonja Braas presents new pictures shown for the first time in France.
Unlike her previous work, Sonja Braas depicts the powerfulness of nature.
Sublime situations are lit as if the camera had been set up in the midst of it all . Sonja Braas succeeds in visually - almost audibly - manifesting the power and energy expressed in these wild, natural dramas .

Tere Recarens
born in 1967 in Spain, lives and works in Berlin.
This Catalan artist, for her first participation in an exhibition in Gallery Anne Barrault, presents a video in which you can see someone in the air sweeping up the clouds .

Magdi Senadji
1950-2003, France.
A photograph from the book "Facile" published in 1990 in which Bernard Lamarche-Vadel wrote about Magdi Senadji :" his motto seems to be even-tempered, patient, absent-minded, elegant so that everything can appear in its own capacity, capacity to appear first and also to disappear, provided you can, once the book is shut, keep your eyes closed, savouring how pleasant it was because it is the wonderful patience of his truth" .