4 June - 16 July 2005
Gallery Anne Barrault presents a new exhibition of drawings by
David B., Robert Crumb, Jochen Gerner, following a first exhibition devoted
to strip cartoonists in 2003.

to see the show : http://www.fluxdimages
David B.
Born in 1959 in France
lives and works in Montreuil.

David B. is one of the founders of "L'Association", a cult publishing house in the world of the new French cartoon . After studying art deco, David B. has his first drawings published in various magazines ( "A suivre", "Chic", Circus"..). His dreambooks, or rather his nightmarebooks, published by "L'Association",then attract a lot of attention .The intrinsic strength of his dreamlike imagery is all the more emphasized by his command of black and white .Today, in less than fifteen years, his bibliography is quite important, of which his emblematic autobiographic books "Epileptic".
For this exhibition, he shows a series of original large drawings.

Robert Crumb
Born in 1943, in Philadelphia, USA.
Lives and works in Sauve, France.

Robert Crumb, the very icon of popular culture, became an emblematic figure of the underground cartoon strip in the United States in the sixties and seventies, with Fritz the cat, or Mr Natural.
Regarded as an anarchist, a genius, a revolutionary, today he is internationally known. He has published many books, worked for several magazines, has been shown in significant exhibitions, among them that of the MoMa with George Herriman, in 1990, or more recently that of the Ludwig Museum in Köln.
For this exhibition, Robert Crumb presents a series of drawings drawn on paper placemats, in the same vein as his books "waiting for food" : " This bunch of drawings were made while waiting for food in various restaurants, or after eating, while people sat around drinking and talking..."

Jochen Gerner
Born in 1970 in Nancy
Lives and works in Nancy
After studying at Nancy National College of Fine Arts, he makes drawings for newspapers (Libération, Télérama, le Monde, Les Inrockuptibles, The new York Times, etc) and has several books published by Rouergue publishing or L'Association (contributes to "Lapin", a cartoon magazine and "Comix 2000", a collective book ).
In the manner of "OuBaPo ( Ouvroir de Bande dessinée Potentielle), Jochen Gerner goes on exploring the links between written words and images. In this way, he did "TNT in America" in 2002. By twisting
Hergé's famous strip cartoon "Tintin in America", with his personal alchemy , he gives his own view of American society. The set of the original drawings are shown for this new exhibition.