exhibition 2008 : la guerre sainte
exhibition 2017
The Holy war
12 January - 23 February, 2008

David B is one of the founders of “L’Association”, the cult publishing firm on the French new comic strip scene. Today, in less than fifteen years, he can boast an extensive bibliography, including his emblematic as well as autobiographical series “L’Ascension du Haut-Mal”(“Epileptic”).
 For his first personal exhibition in gallery Anne Barrault, David B will show original drawings, with no publishing plan .
 Since “L’Ascension du Haut-mal”, his brother’s epilepsy, as well as his own experience of life as a daily struggle, has been one of the main themes of David B’s drawings.
 How can I show the inner suffering, the mental distress felt within myself (we are of the same blood) and outside myself (this is not me) since it concerns someone of the same family?
 First, in the comic strip panels, we have neat black and white strokes to match the mystery of epilepsy, then, little by little, colours appear in single drawings, red, blue... still without giving up the link with the negative, contrast. As if the drawings were colour as well as black and white ones at the same time.
 Within the ink drawings on paper, the brother becomes magical and with his brother forms a two-headed pair who glides along, then splits, going from reality to the story. The transmission, through the text, of an experience combines with the haunting, even irrational question of the transmission of a disease which is difficult to understand, predatory, ready to pounce from one body onto another.
 Animals, plenty of figures and shadows, the drawings on the walls have engulfed the words which edged the pages of the book. Thanks to these swallowed words, the change from the private, individual,closed up space of the book to that of the gallery which is on a human scale allows a standing relationship with the drawings, their family, dreamlike mythologies.
 There, time becomes a unit, there is no sequence as in the comic strips, but circularity, holes, pits, heaps, a vertical link ready to wind between the inside and the outside world, individual and historical struggles : his own story to the test of dream and on a world scale.

Félicia Atkinson