No copyright on dreams # 2*
curated by Bénédicte Ramade

Emmanuel Lagarrigue
Guillaume Pinard
qubo gas
14 January - 25 February 2006
In May 2005, the exhibition No copyright on dreams # 1*opened in Prague, at the French Institute. Dreams and the unconscious as transcultural
conveyors proved to be the perspicacious tools to circumvent the linguistic and moral barrriers of presumed Czech culture. Everyone,
whatever his country and its cultural structure, has undefined and intangible dreams and fantasies which favour sharing and communication ,
as they do not belong to a geopolitical territory but partake of the inner man.
No copyright on dreams/ Sny bez copyrightu sounded like a slogan, a determined commitment, but was meant particularly to incite and invite
people to enter the French Institute and be introduced to Emmanuel Lagarrigue's, Guillaume Pinard's, collective Qubo Gas's intimate and
dreamlike worlds. Their artistic proposals, delicate , sound, digital, graphic wanderings, made up a surprisingly coherent whole, in spite of
formal breaks. The sound of Emmanuel Lagarrigue's creation streaking the entire space worked as a spell along with Guillaume Pinard's soundtrack
for a not yet released film, and the visual proliferation of Qubo Gas', the Lille group, and Guillaume Pinard's drawings. The physical nearness
at work in Prague brought any avenue and interpretation into play. Each piece was as a resonance chamber for the intuitions, the projections,
the anxieties, the lack of understanding of the dreamer lost in these five young artists' unnamable stories. No copyright on dreams/Sny bez
copyrightu referred to the unconscious through the physical world.
Without repeating the same combination, we thought it interesting to reorganize and show this exhibition once more. As a recurring dream, the
sign of someone's deep distress, the exhibition could be shown in Gallery Anne Barrault, and the works shape new paths,the random
combinations between the artists and the audience suggest new possibilities when visiting this daydream.

Bénédicte Ramade

No copyright on dreams #1 was produced and achieved with the support of Didier Montagné, the head of Prague French Institute, in the AFAA
programme Carte jeune génération.

Emmanuel Lagarrigue
was born en 1972, he
lives and works in Paris.

With his three-dimensional sound drawings, Emmanuel Lagarrigue catches the visitor's attention, invites him to let himself be moved by the grace of his sound chiselling, by the sensitivity of the voices he gives to hear. Beyond understanding, he gently forces our private armour by the rustling of his slender sculptures. His installations, tinged with melancholy without pathos or innocence , upset your feelings by the interval between sounds and words. " It has nothing to do with a dialogue of the death whatsoever, but it is rather a weightless and not compelled to make sense at once and concretely".
The network of cables, wires, the punctuations given by loudspeakers
seize the visitor in a subtle way, establishing a strong and disturbing relationship. Evanescent nevertheless so vivid.

Emmanuel Lagarrigue
Sur le fil, production pour Pas de copyright sur les rêves #1, Prague 2005, copyright l'artiste, galerie Alain Gutharc,
photo : Emmanuel Lagarrigue

Guillaume Pinard
was born in 1971, he lives and works in Toulouse.

With the cartoons drawn by Guillaume Pinard, obsessions build up perturbing stories. Led and attracted by their childish, smooth, naive quality, the viewer is violently plunged into the horrible plights faced by the reluctant heroes devised by the artist. The two eyeballs, the main protagonists of "Le retourne", a 14' animated cartoon, a nagging, fantastical ellipse, go through surprising adventures, the narrative composition of which reminds you of Czech masters' animated cartoons , from Karel Seman to Jiri Trenka.In the face of Guillaume Pinard's haunted world, psychoanalysis is not enough to understand the images and the situations, it is a clue not legitimation. The drawings, whether animated or in hundreds of exercise book pages, suggest projection, recognition fields, an amoral, slightly sadistic ,
definitely fascinating outlet .

Guillaume Pinard
from the video le retourne, 2005

Qubo Gas
Laura Henno, Jean-François Ablézot (born in 1976) and Morgan Dimnet (born in 1973) live and work in Lille.

The attractive fantasy shown in Qubo Gas' digital, continually moving landscapes or wall-drawings is only an appearance. The course of their images, like those of REM sleep, along the walls, the surfaces, according to the technical means, invades the showroom, in fertile disorder, like weeds.The captured image is as invasive as the animated ones. Qubo Gas' graphic experimentation, a jungle of colours and assumptions, an exercise of lines and colours, must be understood as the combining of aggressiveness and peaceful beauty, on an unpredictable mode.

qubo gas
Joliene, 2005
tirage numérique, jet d'encre à pigments sur papier torchon
55 x 70 cm
courtesy galerie anne barrault